News From Mushroom Kingdom: The Wedding’s Off

...So It's Just a Hand...on the Banana

Not Ready for the Band.

The Internet’s aflutter after famed resident of the Nintendo world, Diddy, announced on his Twitter page that he was not in fact tying the knot, not in any time soon at least. Reportedly, the links from around the web have been greatly exaggerated; Diddy is not in fact linked to Koko of Woodside, California or Bingo of the Banana Splits, in any nuptial kind of way – though the Bingo and Diddy were seen leaving together from the posh club, Bowser’s Castle, last week. In fact, Diddy was incredulous when confronted with the internet rumor maelstrom, saying:

We Get It From Our Imaginations...Like Your Street Cred.

His Mistake Was Addressing This To All Blogs.


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