Missing Links – Digital Syntax Edition

  1. Get your tunes out on your run of the mill computer keyboard with this Virtual Piano. – via Cracked
  2. Pre-order Star Trek Online at participating stores and get extra space-junk. It’s the only time that Walmart customers have an advantage over anyone else ever. – from Gamma Squad
  3. Man loses hand in car crash, gets it replaced with a robotic arm that he controls with his mind and has the sensation of touch. Quick, somebody run over my hand. – from Geekologie via Gamma Squad
  4. Mario named newest scumbag. My personal vote for Best Digital Scumbag. Although Tetris God may be up there. – from Scumbag Style
  5. If movies could have sex with each other and procreate, this would be their progeny. This trailer made my skull collapse in on itself. -from Screen Junkies
  6. Shortly after that video collapsed my head, this article turned it inside out and created a black hole. Two words: “quantum” and “processing.” – from Gizmodo
  7. So you’ll get a shiny tablet in 2010 so you can read all your new books digitally – but what about the ones you’ve already got? Daniel Reetz has an answer for you. – from Wired
  8. Male seahorses eat their young; gaydar works within 50 milliseconds of seeing the face; and the phrase: “The estimated γ values are consistent with a monotonic decrease from 2 to 1 with increasing text length,” in regards to authors of classical works. -from Ars Technica.
  9. You don’t have to be in school to enjoy these mostly free apps, you just need a phone that runs Android. So go ahead – my non-Android phone and I won’t mind. – from Wired
  10. Time-lapse footage from Japan in Autumn – breathtaking. – from Gizmodo

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