LXD Both Campy & Amazing

So there’s this director Jon M. Chu who has helmed a bunch of movies that I wouldn’t pay good money to see. Nonetheless, he is currently behind a new digital series premiering on YouTube called “Legion of Extraordinary Dancers,” or “LXD,” that seems both amazing and campy as hell. The premise is that dancers are super-heroes, which may be taking it a little far, despite their uncanny abilities. See below for what I mean.

Slated for release in early 2010, these guys blew the audience away when they showcased their stuff on So You Think You Can Dance (a guilty pleasure of mine – what, these dancers are AMAZING!). Turns out that B-boy Legacy, a contestant on this past season (who was just cut, much to my girlfriend and my detriment), is in fact part of their crew. Here’s their SYTYCD performance, sans Legacy.

Apparently they’ve been together for a while, as is evidenced by their presence at the YouTube Live event that happened back in 2008. These guys are phenomenal, I am literally at the edge of my seat in anticipation of this dance extravaganza. Okay, I concede my man card; just check this out.


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