Mother Nature Disses Climate Scientists

4:53PM PST

Notice How No One (except Florida & Arizona, but they barely count as states anyway) is At 60? Yeah, Bite Me Global Warming.

So you’ve probably heard all about the Global Warming Conference going on in Copenhagen right now through next week Friday. Am I the only one who finds it funny that a huge cold front out of Japan plowed through the United States, starting on the 6th, the kick-off day of the conference? Or that the average temperature in Copenhagen ’round this time of year is 39.2° F and that the temperature throughout the conference is predicted at 32° to 37° F?

Apparently Mother Nature is a frosty bitch with a sense of humor, much like the police at the conference who have arrested 40 protesters. Presumably, these arrests came at the behest of the protesters’ mothers for leaving the house without a jacket on. I give you Exhibit A:

Courtesy Associated Press

Yeah, Masks Will Keep Us Warm!

 Despite that there was no violence reported, the arrests came as a preventative measure, in order to avoid disorder, said Police spokesman Henrik Moeller Nielsen. Because like your mama always said, “nothing causes disorder like a gang of half-naked men in ski masks with roses and an inability to do the shocker properly.”


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