Missing Links – Technology, Scumbag, and Gods Edition

  1. Scientists in Russia dehydrate alchohol and turn them in to pills. Happy hour will never be the same. – via Scumbag Style.
  2. Yahoo are apparently a bunch of scumbags themselves and will sell (mind you, not give) authorities complete access to content and logs of a Yahoo Group for $60. Basic personal info starts at $20. I’m glad I stopped using them when they wouldn’t POP my mail for free. – via Gizmodo, via Gamma Squad, via Filmdrunk.
  3. Tetris God is a cruel and angry god. Why hath thou forsaken me, oh master of tetriminos?!? -via College Humor.
  4. James Lipton warns of the dangers of sexting in a new LG commercial. Lipton saying, “The last thing he needs is tweets about his beets,” may be the greatest monologue ever written. – via Huffington Post .
  5. Technology can get really creepy when that mastery is applied to sex toys. Hello Kitty should not be going anywhere near your beets, people. – from The Frisky, via Cracked.
  6. Hubble Telescope has now captured images of stars created within the first 1 billion years after the Big Bang. Reportedly crotchety, the stars then shook their canes at us and told us to get off their lawns. – via Scientific American.
  7. Apple announces projection on their tablet, shooting for release in Spring of 2010. In talks with book publishers to release their content, it looks like the split will be 30/70 (Apple/publisher), and the price tag on the device itself will be in the ballpark of $1,000. Huzzah! Even more wonderful technology I can’t afford. – via Cnet

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