Nerd Blurbs: Paper Batteries, Space Tourism, and Google Dominance

BBC News announced that researchers at Stanford University have developed a method of creating batteries out of paper. This involves taking standard, run of the mill paper and coating it in an “ink” made out of carbon nanotubes, a material that will revolutionize the way we make everything. Don’t expect just your cell phone and your laptop to see a reduction in size and weight, the researchers also claim that the new batteries would be ideal for powering cars, though they have no plans to start production on those, probably because they don’t want to make a several buttloads of money.

Nerd-dom rejoice! The Enterprise is ready for launch. No, Kirk nor Picard will be aboard, though you may have to ride with a crazy Brit.

Crazy Brit

Pictured: Crazy Brit, Richard Branson, Owner, Virgin Group

 Virgin Galactic has officially unveiled the V.S.S. (Virgin Space Ship) Enterprise to its potential clientele, people who have already put down a deposit on the $200,000 Virgin Galactic ticket. There were 300, give or take, people in attendance, which means VG is set to make at least $60 million. Capable of sitting six people, there will be at least 50 flights to accomodate those who’ve already got a hold on tickets. Don’t hold your breath on getting a cheaper flight into space – according to Will Whitehorn, President of Virgin Galactic, after 3-5 years the price will only drop by about half. So start saving now.

Ain't it Purdy?

The Only Thing Between Me and the VSS Enterprise is $200,000


Google is in the news a lot today, with announcements over the new bar-coding system that will allow patrons to scan a code with their cell-phones and pull up all (im)pertinent information; that Google Goggles, a search engine that uses pictures as the query (no more typing, just point and click), will move to other platforms besides Android; and the release of their new real-time search, which according to this article, blows Bing’s Twitter Search out the water (via, say, not having to go to a separate page to do it).



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