Tired of (Loving) Technology?

Some brilliant person has mashed up Daft Punk’s “Technologic” with “She Wants It” by 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake. This is interesting to me considering the juxtaposition between the perspective of either song. The Timberlake chorus professes:

“I’m tired of using technology. I want you here right in front of me.”

Whereas Daft Punk has always had an aura that seemed to embrace technology, and doesn’t seem to draw a line between love and machinery. Case in point, this video for “Harder Better Stronger Faster .

See, because nobody does The Robot like A robot, ya dig? And also, he ends up a mack-daddy. How does boning apply to the Three Laws? Right, back to the case in point.

Technology, and the love of it, is not a new concept. Since the time when our predecessors made primitive spears out of branches and chiseled at rocks to make wheels, we have loved technology. It has, primarily as its goal, the ability to make our lives easier. Take the Archos 9 as a for instance.

Someone has been monitoring my dreams, and it may have been with this thing.

It has a touch screen. Yes, that does mean you can stop touching yourself. You're not going to though, are you?

 This baby (yet to be released) has integrated WiFi and the ability to stream HD quality, not just to its touch screen, but to any HD screen you deem fit to plug it into. It runs Windows 7, and while the 60GB won’t allow you to store huge tracts of files there are two USB ports for you to plug a thumb drive into. Peripharies (printers, mouse, keyboard) are also functional with the system, but then again, there’s always the Black Screen of Death to consider.

See, the rash of technology failing on us is not new either, in fact although technology deems to make our lives easier, it unfortunately succeeds in making them more stressful. Remember the good old days when you actually had to arrive at your home to find out that it was on fire? Now the Fire Department can spray it with fire fighting foam and call you on your cell phone in the car via Sync , which pauses the music so you can take the call without Lady Gaga‘s Bad Romance drowning out the details of how to properly hose the gunk off your house without damaging the paint.

Then there’s this guy,  a man who goes by “Sal9000,” who married Nene Anegasaki, a character from a game apparently called, “Love Plus.” This is precisely how to make your life easier – don’t cull a relationship with real people, just marry synthetic personalities programmed to love you. Way to break the stereo-type, Sal; not all nerds want to have sex with android women.

Yes, I will comply. ;)

See. Cyborg. Not Android.


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