Say Banana! or Technology So Easy An Ape Can Do It


This stupid monkey has a $400 camera. Who do I have to fling poop at to get a $400 camera?

"I prefer the Samsung ST 1000 to the Canon PowerShot SD1200IS; far superior photo quality."


I believe it was Socrates who said that man would fall under the tyranny of the apes when they learn to take up our tools, and invariably use them against us. No wait. That was Jason Mewes in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (directed by Kevin Smith). Regardless, meet Nonja, a resident of the Vienna Tiergarten zoo, in Austria. 

     Don’t get all ruffled up talking about how smart orangutan are: Nonja’s handlers had to trick her into pressing the shutter. They’ve rigged it so every time she does, she gets a raisin. You mean technology has advanced so much that I can now get a multi-function camera that doubles as a snack box? Where do I sign up? 

  Meanwhile, over in Germany, less than 450 miles away at the Leipzig Zoo, bears are going bald and zoologists can’t explain why. Are you kidding me? Snag some of the Austrian zoo’s budget, which they’re obviously spending frivolously and buy some freaking Rogaine.


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