Peruse Pompei from Your Armchair

So Microsoft’s Bing and Google Maps have been having a bit of a showdown recently, trying to hash out who’s map system is superior. Bing’s system sounds cool, utilizing’s users’ photos to generate one image, a process I’ve seen news channels use and I was excited to get a chance to control it. However, you’ve got to download software and this hunk of junk I run can barely run a web-browser, let alone whatever the hell Microsoft brewed in the lab. I’m not even running XP yet here, and Microsoft’s talking about Windows 8 in 2010!

Anyway, as you might be able to tell from the headline, Google’s the winner in my book. They work hard to do the thing that they do as optimal as it can be done. Case in point, the Street View team has finally made their way through the ruins of Pompei, so those history buffs who could never afford a plane ticket to Italy can virtually walk down its streets.

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Now You Won't Be Lying When You Say You've Seen Pompei.

Notice what I said there? That there’s a team of people that work at Google, whose jobs are to go to places with a big ass camera, photograph everything, scan it piece-by-piece, upload it, and maintain it in needs of privacy? Google’s put together a video about the system, which is how I like to imagine exactly how it’s done.

Microsoft, on the other hand, strings a bunch of other people’s pictures together, and this is supposed to make us excited? Listen, I like the aerial view’s direction that I can cycle between on your browser-version, but without the download, I’m dead in the water; I’d like to see 500 people’s photos of the Eiffel Tower strung together, but Microsoft makes you work extra for it.

I like Google because they understand the appeal of technology in the first place – so I can do less than what I had previously been doing.


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