Box Office Brawl: December 4th, 2009

Up Yours New Moon!

"I feel like something's hanging over my head, but I can't seem to put my finger on it."

This frigid Friday opens the seemingly well-written movie, Up in the Air, the George Clooney vehicle about a business-man with no time on the ground to love, who then “makes a connection,” and then fights vampires in a Mexican brothel after his brother gets bitten. But don’t quote me on that.

As film releases contend with each other in the box office, this altered poster is meant to inspire hope, that Twilight can be dethroned from its top spot on the ranking. This is not the movie to do it, by any stretch – I’d be surprised if any film coming up is going to have a bigger draw than that teen-romance-daredevil-were-vampire-thing, until maybe Iron Man 2 rolls around in May, which fills me with a deep melancholy that may need be drowned in eggnog.

Why don’t I think Up in the Air will unseat the debacle-suppressed-hormones-flick? Because it looks too cerebral, too affiliated in reality, a trait which has never been known to be a box office draw. Sure, it was chosen Best Film of 2009 by the National Board of Review, and certainly, it has George Clooney in it, so every guy with a girlfriend over the age of twenty-five will be dragged to it whether they want to or not, but there’s numbers and then there’s numbers. I knew people who paid to see New Moon in theaters just so that they could laugh at it.

Just hold tight folks, something’s gotta TKO it eventually.



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