Missing Links – Debilitating Edition

Debilitation can come from many sources. Say you want to buy an e-Book Reader but the technology is still developing too fast? What if some of those e-Book readers used proprietary software? What if you were reading an article so gross, in regards to coming technologies, that you literally blew chunks on your keyboard? These things would suck the energy right out of you, leaving you a drooling mess (okay, leave me a drooling mess). Here are some links from around the web that hit me like a sledgehammer.

  1. Why you might want to hold off on getting an e-Book reader this season – from The Wall Street Journal.
  2. Ways humanity is evolving in five terrifying augmentations –  from Cracked.com.
  3. Holland’s Horrifying “Bloody Fetus Broth””Meat” Project – from Scumbag Style.
  4. Further proof that everything IS better with a Queen soundtrack – from Radio Exile.
  5. Tactical Nuclear Penguin is the world’s most alcholic beer; come for the article, stay for the English Bulldog playing Tony Hawk’s Ride – from F-Listed via Film Drunk.
  6. Department of Defense buys 2,200 PS3 for the USAF who will string them together to run a Linux-based supercomputer -from Gamma Squad.
  7. This makes me want to play a Back to the Future video game so badly – also from Gamma Squad


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3 responses to “Missing Links – Debilitating Edition

  1. My Kindle 2 arrived yesterday and I wanted to post a review before I forgot my initial impressions. The first thing I noted was the shipping package. It appeared to be in the standard Amazon brown box that all Amazon shipments come in, but upon closer look I saw that it was a custom package exclusively for the Kindle. The brown box had a pull tab to ease opening, no need for a cutting tool. Next to the pull tab were the words “Once upon a time…”. Cool.

    The interior packaging was black and stylish, but it could have been a brown paper bag for all I cared. I opened it and looked at the Kindle. Right on the Kindle’s main screen is all you need to know to get the device setup. Basically, just plug into the wall to start charging and flip the switch to start using. It is that simple.

    There was a Getting Started document and guide as well as a welcome letter, but after glossing over these quickly I found I didn’t need much help. You can pretty much figure everything out by just trying the buttons.

    I went to the Kindle Store and noticed that it had a list of suggestion based on my past Amazon purchase and viewing history. Nice touch as I was able to easily find a book that I had intended to purchase. I clicked that books link, hit buy and within a few seconds I had the item in my library.

    Reading on the Kindle 2 is practicaly effortless. With no previous experience with Kindle, I was still able to feel comfortable reading and paging within minutes. I read while exercising, lying in bed and on the train ride to work this morning. You really do forget the device is there. The reading experience is much easier than flipping through a dog-eared paperback.

    I am happy with my purchase knowing I got the best digital reading device on the market today.

  2. I normally do not post comments but I recently began using twitter and I am a little lost. Thanks for clearing some information for me. Looking forward to your next post.

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