UCLA Graduate, Murloc to the Gaming Industry

So there’s this recluse guy named Erik Estavillo, who has been filing lawsuits against various distributors of online games. First he filed claim against Sony for knocking him off of Resistance: Fall of Man, alleging they had violated his First Amendment Rights, which as pointed out on Popehat, is a boiling crock of shit and was dismissed in September. This didn’t stop the douchebag from appealing the decision and filing three more lawsuits, against Microsoft, Nintendo, and Blizzard.

He’s suing Microsoft over a broken Xbox 360 which caused him “undue stress,” Nintendo over a software update that stopped him from using a third-party program Homebrew Channel (here  his unalienable right to happiness has been infringed upon), and Blizzard for creating a “harmful virtual environment” that utilizes  “sneaky and deceitful practices.” Among his allegations hoisted at the makers of World of Warcraft are the high subscription fees, the distance between locations, the extra expense of paying for teleportation stones, and the resurrection process.

With any luck, the judge will slap him with fines for mucking up the judicial process with frivolous lawsuits,  but there’s multiple things that indicate that these attempts are just asinine.

  1. Sometimes equipment breaks. If it isn’t because you smashed it or attempted to feed it Cheetos, bring it back and exchange it. This is feasible. Suing over it is not. And if a broken system causes you that much stress, go to a shrink and get some fucking Zoloft. Please. For America’s Sake.
  2. You’re not on FaceBook, Erik Estavillo, nor MySpace, nor Twitter, nor any other cyber community, because you’re an anti-social dillweed. You were kicked off of Sony’s server for presumably being a mondo chode. Nobody wants your Homebrew weak sauce; you shouldn’t be that upset that Nintendo stopped you from realizing even further how few people like you.
  3. More than 10 million people are currently using WoW, and you know what they all have in common? They pay the subscription fees, they pay for the expansion packs, and they pay (game currency) to resurrect. You know what else they all have in common? They’re not douchebags who’ve decided to spoil everyone’s fun.

Seriously, Erik, what do you expect to happen through all this? Do you think there’s a single valid justification for this completely inane, child-like behavior? Can’t you just go crawl back in your shell and leave the celebrities alone?

You read right, there’s the other thing: aside from wasting the court’s time he’s also subpoenaed Depeche Mode‘s Martin Lee Gore and Winona Ryder, because he claims they understand loneliness. Please, this is the thinnest-veiled plea for attention I’ve ever heard; I want to meet celebrities too, but I’ll do it the old-fashioned way, by waiting outside their windows.


Please No

No, Really, That's All Right - Leave Me Out Of It.



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3 responses to “UCLA Graduate, Murloc to the Gaming Industry

  1. Nice blog, I was performing some web snooping and happened upon your website, I was wondering if you knew your blog is displaying strangely in the K-mellon browser. I can see everything but the pictures are somehow out of whack. Probably not a huge deal since hardly nobody utilizes it any longer but I am old school and still use it.

    • Sorry about that mate – I’m rocking free WordPress, I don’t even know where to begin to try and format it for the K-mellon browser. Best regards, thanks for the browse by.

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