Missing Links – Mostly Lit Edition

  • Directive via drunkliterature Get Drunk! by Charles Baudelaire.
  • Cnet gives you stuff for free, just for joining their site. It’s a Kindle today. Damn my conscience for making me post this. Crave Giveaway.
  • The Road finally comes out this Friday (this thing was as delayed as the LHC); Rolling Stone review here: Three of Four Stars; New Moon They Gave Two .
  • Why am I not surprised that this guy is Japanese? Man Marries Video Game Character.
  • 25 of the sweetest home theater systems ever via FilmDrunk’s Daily Cuddle.
  • Five Substances That Make Us Seem Still in the Stoneage from Cracked
  • Kirk Cameron gets owned trying to hand out vandalized copies of Origin of Species Scumbag Style Retires Kirk Cameron to the Scumbag Hall of Fame. Also, in regards to Origin of the Species, I’ve emailed the following letter, to encourage Living Waters to make their version available for download.
  • Hello there,

     I am inquiring into your copy of The Origin of the Species. I regret that I was unable to find a university nearby where the copies were being distributed. I notice that you have a very detailed download section on your website and am wondering if you might make a digital copy of the book available to the internet community.

    Thank you for your time and what I assume will be a swift inclusion of the file’s availability,

    Sincerely yours,
    Mick Axelrod


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