Is That Bumblebee in the Slow Lane With His Blinker On?

Maybe you can tack this all to jealousy, but screw Virgil Coffman and his bright yellow, Transformers-special edition, 426-hp Camaro and the New York Times Blog for running an article on him on November 18th. Now why would NYT care to mention the fact that he bought one on a trade? Because the old fart’s gonna be 102 in January! That makes him older than the Model T!

Trading in a Monte Carlo to help close the $38,000 deal, Virgil who has not seen either of the movies (surprise! probably never even heard of them – “Was that one of those moving picture dealies?” -Ed.) chose the car because he liked the design, because he doesn’t need “one of those big cars anymore,” and because of the limited-release of the model. With only 1,500 being released, ol’ Virgil considers it something of a collector’s item saying, and I quote (the dealer, relaying it first-hand): “If I keep that 10 or 12 years, it will be worth about $100,000.”

That's MY car you're fondling, Virgil

Shia LaBeouf is Looking Awful Lately

That’s him (the dodgery old white guy hiding behind the car door; what, do you think, he found the Tanning Bed of Youth on a crazy adventure with Bumblebee?) with VP of Global Design for GM, Ed Welburn. When interviewed for the article, Virgil said he “…like(s) to kick it up, […] [b]ut I’m afraid to drive too fast and get a ticket, and then they might take my license away.” Since September, he’s put 1,800 miles on the carriage, but has yet to take it more than 50 miles outside Decatur, where he resides, presumably for fear of forgetting where he lives.


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