Seth Green & The Case of the Missing Butterfinger

Contact Music reported here that Seth Green is upset at the “toxic and poisonous” remarks of bloggers who targeted his stature and acting ability when commenting on this Butterfingers ad:

Somehow this whole debacle slipped under my radar, and frankly, it’s too bad for Mr. Green and his Butterfingers that I didn’t come on this sooner. With the knowledge of the Butterfinger missing, I set my amazing investigative powers (which I picked up from reading one too many issues of Batman) and utilized the mighty power of my Compucat to scour the internet for some evidence of where his missing vintage Butterfingers have gone – and the results are shocking, revealed after the jump.

I have startling evidence here, that the whole thing is a set-up, with the aim of getting us off the trail of the true perpetrator. I am saddened to announce to the world, that it was an inside job. Yes, the true culprit is Seth Green…or maybe this guy’s buttocks.

In On It.

The Proof He Doesn't Want You to See or The Brazilian Job 2: Heist on the Hersey Highway.


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