Bored Game Movies

Moviefone reported here that Monopoly has officially been given the green light, and that Ridley Scott is set to direct. The fact that studios are seemingly out of their minds is intensified when one discovers that Monopoly isn’t the only classic boardgame opted to be turned into film. (Find out which ones after the jump.)

That’s right, according to FilmDrunk, Battleship ,Risk, and even Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots are being considered for silver screen treatment. That’s right kids, no more need for family game night, you can just watch the fun exploits from the comfort of your fat ass…er, I mean couch.

Are the studios serious? Can someone please give an enema to Hollywood and flush out the compacted fecal matter that seems to be clogging executive’s brains? The only thing more absurd than this would be a movie about a girl who hangs out with vampires and werewolves and doesn’t get bitten or scratched even once.

The Most Shaved Furry Porn Ever.

Oh. Right. Nevermind.


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