Youtube to Bump Up to 1080p or Resolutions Gone Wild!

It was announced Friday that YouTube has decided to beat a dead horse and stick one to television by enhancing their video-processing capabilities to full on 1080p HD resolution. Really YouTube? Is it absolutely necessary for me to see these following videos in jaw-dropping clarity?

Granted, it’s not going to improve the resolution of the videos already uploaded (except for some of the 720p footage which is being upgraded), but nonetheless: are the world’s coming memes really required to be seen so clearly? Can’t I watch a video of a kid igniting himself with fireworks without seeing his skin charring? Can I watch a movie’s trailer without counting the pores in the main character’s forehead?

YouTube says “no,” making certain to take a step forward which my children will undoubtedly take for granted. I can already imagine trying to explain to them what a VCR was, let alone that videos on YouTube used to look like any given episode of The View in which appears Barbara Walters. So I’m told.

Bahbawa Waltas

The Face That Singularly Saved Petroleum Jelly



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2 responses to “Youtube to Bump Up to 1080p or Resolutions Gone Wild!

  1. This is definetely a big mammas step for techs but i am curious cause this will end up with the bandwith barrier..1080p on youtube? this is just crazy man..

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