Quest Flick: How Hollywood Got Dust in Its Shorts

Hollywood has the uncanny ability to produce the same movie between two-to-five different studios, with each of said films coming out at roughly the same time. Armageddon and Deep Impact, and The Illusionist and The Prestige immediately spring to mind, and it seems as if those with the power to greenlight films are all stuck on the same fried neuron. Case in point, Prince of Persia debuted its trailer recently, which was closely followed by one for Clash of the Titans, presented below after the jump.

Now, oddly enough Clash… is set to come out earlier this coming year, with a release date of March 26th, while Prince… is slated May 28th, yet the former’s trailer was released well after the latter’s. Looking at these dates, I am overwhelmed with an uncanny feeling of “what the deuce?”

I understand that promotion is important and whatnot, but seriously? It’s five/seven months, respectively fellas; aren’t you jumping the gun a little bit? I mean, that would be worse than hocking Christmas in November, and you wouldn’t…

Mummy, there's a CGI Jim Carrey in the sky." "Hush up and quite doin' acid."

Oh. Right. Nevermind.


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