This Is Possible in Sims 2? or What People With Too Much Time are Capable Of.

With all due respect to Lady Gaga, modern technology continues on the quick-step it treads, and apparently I’m still in the stone age, because Youtube recommended this to me when I logged in today and I was astounded. I’ve never been a big advocate of the Sims, seeing friends play bored me to tears, but apparently they have greatly upgraded what they are capable of – when nerd/club-folk can manipulate characters and the in-game camera in such a way as to produce such a high caliber animation/video. I remember a time when Virtua Fighter was cutting edge in the arcade, and like the idiot I was in ’93 I thought it’d never get any better.

The Ultimate in Virtua

The polygons in Virtua Fighter are the Andy Rooneys of the polygon world.

People’s capabilities and their drive and determination to idolize the celebrities they choose to follow gets demonstrated in astounding ways. If this level of attention were given to scientific research, we would have cured 90% of cancers by now, said the man who writes about Elves and dragons for a living. Apologies to Andy Rooney.


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