New Earth-like Planets Found & Ares Flounders

European astronomers have found 32 new planets beyond our solar system, 6 of which are termed superEarths, in that they are similar to our own planet just larger. Sure, that gives hope to those of us who listen to Stephen Hawkings in regards to the time-table humanity has left, so we shift to NASA’s development of the post-Space Shuttle mode of space travel: the Ares 1.

A committee commissioned to scrutinize the upcoming project determined that without an influx of $30 million in the next ten years, the projected 2020 return to the moon (to develop moon-bases as a launch off point for trips to Mars), would not be met. They essentially expect the Ares to never get off the ground.

This is comforting to me because I know now that the smartest people on the planet are just as stupid as I am. Which is a frightening thought because I at least don’t have access to enough fuel to reach escape velocity. Yet.

[Source: Planets]

[Source: Ares 1]


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