Sweet Two (to Four, Sometimes Three)-Wheel Travel

With gas prices as they are, I am considering getting a motorcycle endorsement and getting along on a hog. As such, I’ve been surfing on motor-bikes and the such and here’s some gems from the internet.


This video is from 3 years ago: why the hell aren’t I sticking to lightposts with my dual-magnetic engine yet?

Suzuki Biplane

Do you see how sleek and shiny this is! More sleek! More Shiny! Get this prototype on the road damn it!

Yamaha Tesseract

Hybrid four-wheel motorcycle? I think I need a new pair o’ shorts.

Toyota i-Real

At a whopping 3-18 mph, this concept from Toyota is sure to give the Segway a run for its money.

Yamaha Deus Ex Machina – WEARABLE MOTORCYCLE!

Bugger the rest – someone who loves me get me this for my birthday!


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