The Sherlock Holmes One

I had a complete works of Sherlock Holmes once, in replica of the Strand Magazines in which they appeared, but when you lend books likes I do they get lost. Needless to say it has been pilfered but I do not lament. This is because there’s a plethora of Holmes and Holmes-like content on the internet to to keep chocked full of pulpy deduction.

Take this coming offering from Guy Ritchie. Besides that Robert Downey Jr. is possibly the greatest actor of our time – Ritchie is a perfect choice to make a Holmes’ story relevant to  modern movie-goers, so this promises to be uproarious and action-packed, as is befitting the greatest detective in literature.

I wonder if the universe that housed both Batman and Sherlock has already collapsed upon itself by the weight of its own awesomeness. But here’s Ritchie’s trailer and a link to Neil Gaiman’s Short story: A Study in Emerald.


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